Clash of Clan’s update

How is everyone doing with the newest releases and additions to Clash of Clans? When they gave upgraded Town Hall’s to level 11 I must say I started to regain interest. I feel like lately the cross bows and towers have gotten a bit too strong as they seem to be able to take out any level troops rather quickly. That being said I am happy with the improved loot system, that when your enemy raids you village you can gain some back with the loot cart. I also should mention I like the clan castle storing some safe and secure money. I got discouraged before when it seemed like I could never make enough money to progress without enemies stealing it all. Now it seems like I can progress through the game reasonably gaining money as I go. I wonder what the next big update will be about? I feel like troops will need an update eventually as without giving them more strength the defenses on villages are very difficult to beat.


Hopefully we won’t need to wait long! See you online..


Here is a word from our sponsors 


Hi guys, I recently got into a new game. Did you ever play civilization as a kid? The world based game where you start in the sticks and stone age and rise to leading an army in the modern age? Yup, that’s civilization and DomiNations is almost as cool so far! You start with a fire and a hut and build an empire. I am currently in the gunpowder age with a pretty cool army and a city that defends itself verse nations/cities that would do me harm. I have multiple wonders of the world that help my city. My caravans continue to work and get me gold while my farms produce food to feed my people. I have a blacksmith to update my technology. My library assists my people in learning new ways to do things.


All in all I love this new game. Definitely check out our sponsors at Ogden Painters

I am looking for a deck builder

Occasionally you need to put the games down, and improve your home! I did the following research and wrote an article to help anyone looking for a deck builder.

Deck Builder


I recently began my search for a contractor to build me a deck for my back yard. I quickly realized there are some key requirements one should look when choosing what deck builder you plan to utilize. As we’ve all seen in recent movies and shows, a corrupt or crooked contractor can destroy your family’s dreams. One should use some common sense practices to ensure the safety of your next significant contracting project.

Check your contractor’s documents –

Any contractor that has been in the business will be able to readily produce his general contractor’s license or handyman license. In the state of Utah, it is perfectly acceptable to build a deck with a handyman license. I have many examples of decks professionally constructed by a handyman with absolutely no contractor involved. Either way, check their license and make sure they have something registered with the state to provide oversight or consequence if they try to fraud you on your job.


Any professional company is going to have insurance to protect their liability and work. I don’t know any contracting company that hasn’t been in business for any amount of time that isn’t used to readily producing their insurance paperwork as nearly every commercial job requires it and most residential home owners ask for it.

Ask to see some of your deck builder’s work –

Ogden Decks has been doing deck building in and around the Ogden area for a long time. We can readily produce and love to show some of our potential customer’s some of our previous work! Obviously not all of our jobs will show our contractors in the work, but another key is to see the contractor in some of the examples to prove he was building the deck. It’s not hard to scam photos online and claim someone built that deck. Ensure your deck builder can do the same to ensure you are using a professional that can complete the job as they claim they can.

Ask for references! Any good company that’s been around for a while can produce the names and phone numbers of recent happy customers. Obviously they won’t volunteer unhappy customers, but again a reputable company will have that client base willing to speak well about the work they have done.


Finally, ask what kind of checks your deck builder has done on their employee’s. The last thing you as a home owner wants at your home are wanted felon’s or corrupt individuals with a long history of theft and or burglary. Ensure your deck builder is only bringing in good honest members of society to build your deck for you.

Taking these few steps can greatly assist you in completing the project of your dreams the way you want it completed.


Boom Beach!


Hey guys, I’ve been hitting up the old boom beach a little bit more lately. If anyone doesn’t know that’s made by the same people that made clash of clans. Trade in your sword, bow, and axe. In Boom beach your using machine guns, missile launchers, and tanks. Instead of defending your walled castle your in the middle of the ocean on an island defending against marine assaults! Epic!! In the beginning I was addicted to Clash of Clans, I couldn’t get enough of it. However lately I’m beginning to play Boom Beach more. I found myself in clash of clans struggle to even find enemies worth attacking as most in my league were tricked out either playing forever or buying their entire base, not fun! In Boom beach you don’t shift through endless bases to attack, your map is your map take it or leave it. I find myself with enemies I can actually face with my troops. It’s possible I’m still at a point in Boom Beach where I am gaining levels, upgrades, and new things so I haven’t “maxed” out like clash of clash’s where it’s either fight the rich kids or don’t play. Who knows, but either way if you haven’t tried Boom Beach it’s definitely addicting, and being a phone game you can bring it everywhere!


Police Climate in America is NO game

It’s a sad day in America when Police Officer’s are being arrested for performing their duties as law enforcement officers. I recently sat down and spoke with Kevin at Paramus Security to talk about the recent changes in the climate for Officer’s in America. Kevin was quick to point out that every profession has bad apples and it’s important that everyone understand that. However in recent times good officers are often verbally abused for being racist for even wearing the badge, making a simple traffic stop. The recent rioting from the Michael Brown shooting is a prime example of people not even wanting to hear what the truth is they just assume police officers are racist. It further goes to show the ignorance when the officer is found to have been in the right, yet protesters continue saying they the robber shouldn’t have been killed for trying to kill a police officer.

We as American’s need to realize if there is a message or wrongs being committed we need to bring them to light. However, if someone of any color is robbing a store, dealing drugs, attacking police officer’s why are we making them our poster children for why Police Officer’s are bad or wrong? Is it possible that bad people invoke a bad reaction from police officer’s sometimes? Yes, sure but that’s why we employ sheet dogs to protect the herd that is America from the wolves that wish to do us harm.


Clash of Clan’s the new addictive


I’ve been playing clash of clans for a few months now. I have a top level castle, but I’m only ranking in the Master League at the moment. I haven’t put a lot of priority into my guild as I don’t want to make the game even more competitive by having other people depending on me. It is difficult not to be playing this game more than you should especially out in public. I used to do the quick making archer and barbarian tactic, but every few minutes my troops were ready. I’ve recently switched to giants to eat the damage coming from the towers, but takes more time to make. This is good for me because it takes longer to create all those giants. In the Master level I will say it is difficult to get anywhere attacking other players because most people in that level have very strong defensive bases. All in all though Clash of Clan’s is a good game that can definitely become addictive very quickly!


Hey guys, I can’t wait to get this up and going. I hope to include a little bit of everything from console, to computer, to phone games. I mean look at where gaming has gone and what we can do now? Let’s be real back in the day who thought we could be playing a game anywhere we were on our phones that are by our side 24/7? I mean clash of clans, boom beach, little empire the list is endless and super exciting. I hope you enjoy the journey and maybe even make it a part of your journey. See ya!